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If you can think of something to teach, you can use to turn it into a school. Check out some interesting schools around the world using

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All you need is an internet browser.

Open Admissions

Create facebook post or print hardcopy of admission forms.

Easily open/close admission & share on social media with one click.

Accept Applications

People visit your form page online or apply in person.

People visit your school page and apply online.


Announce Decisions

Manually email or call the students accepted in the school.

Automatically emails all the students applied of the decision.

Bill Students

Every month/week remind parents/students to pay and update your records.

Schedule all fees at once and automatically collect due amount on the correct dates.


Receive Payments

Collect cash voucher or pay middleman commision to process payments online.

Collect cash vouchers or bank transfers online free of cost.

Teach Students

Can only teach in-person or use some LMS to teach online.

Can teach online, in-person or both.


Stay Connected With Students

Setup different channels like Whatsapp, emails or phones.

Automatically stay connected even after students graduate.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

No commision. No Fees. No per Student Billing.


  • Branded School Page
  • Branded Student Workspace
  • Branded Staff Workspace
  • Get Listed On Discovery Engine
  • Unlimited Students
  • 24/7 Call/Email Support
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