Tools & Technology For Schools
Tools & Technology For Schools

Running A School Is Hard

That’s Why We Built Ink.

School Management For Growth

Finally a technology that works with your school, not against it. Ink all in one school management technology solution power the education ecosystem like never before. From the back office to the classroom to the home, it unifies your technology, putting everyone on the team to unlock students’ potential.

Automate student billing by configuring the fee schedule at the time of enrolment. No need to generate and send fee vouchers every month. Fees will automatically be collected on the due date. And if someone has not paid, schools have the option to disable their account until paid.

Give your students the flexibility to pay using different payment methods including bank voucher & cash. No hidden charges or fees on payment processing. All payments are made p2p, meaning no middle man and direct to your bank.

Easily control admissions to any class while allowing students to apply and complete admission process online.

Keep track of the results of each and every academic session or course taken by any student anytime. In addition, all the academic transcripts are automatically generated so you do not need to prepare them.

Easily manage all your school staff along with their payroll, attendance and payslips.

Issue ID cards to your students and staffs. This card can be used to take attendance or easily find out who has not paid fees yet.

Keep track of staff and student attendance. You can even scan people ID cards to mark their attendance.

Easily manage each class & course timetable and every teacher and student will automatically follow it.

Easily track and grade homework, exams, tests and quizzes of each student.

From Student Fees To Staff Salary, every transaction is automatically recorded and can be tracked in the ledger book, requiring zero accounting knowledge. Schools can easily prepare all the financial statements and track their cashflow.

All the pending tasks of students are automatically sent as reminder email by the system like if student has outstanding due or have not submitted assignment. In addition, schools can easily send important notifications and alerts school-wide.

No user management or configuration required. Students, Teachers And Admins can login using email only if they are currenlty active and access only their active classes. Students can submit their fees and assignments. Teachers can track and collect assignments.

Why Choose Us

More Than A Software

Unlike traditional ERP, Ink requires minimal manual entry and automates everything while keeping you up to date. Think of a robot with zero errors helping school run smoothly 24/7.

Simple & Cost Effective

No upfront cost or expensive hardware required. Our cloud based system only requires a web browser to work and you only pay per student

Unlimited Support

Got questions? Want to try it out? Need training? Got feature request? We are always happy to be of service to you.

Automation is used by Top World Universities to manage tens of thousands of students at a time. We are bringing it to schools of any size in any part of the world at an affordable price so that they too can serve students at that massive scale and meet the demand in education.

Our Mission

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